why counselling

Why would someone talk to a counsellor?
People often go to see a counsellor for help with an area of their life causing them distress. Often they have already tried to find solutions but are a bit confused. Talking to a counsellor provides a caring listening environment where you can freely share what is happening with no judgement. Through understanding a person’s problem areas we can then work on the variable options at hand and help you find a workable solution to help you live a more free and happier life.

Often it is about learning and developing new skills and ways to manage our busy life that helps the most. Sometimes it is just about having a caring empathic person to sit with once in a while.

How does a client and counsellor relationship work?
The space between the counsellor and you is called a therapeutic relationship space. This space provides the grounds to work together in trust, fairness, empathy, congruence and unconditional positive regard. This allows you to feel safe first and foremost. This relationship itself will help you understand your situation, see more clearly and improve the important relationships in your own life. It will also empower you to understand your life more fully and make significant and meaningful choices to enhance the quality of your life. In this space you will be safe, supported and validated.

Is this service confidential?

Yes, this service is totally confidential, non-judgemental and private. The only reason information might be disclosed to a third party is if you were at risk of harming yourself or another person as we are held by law to advise an authority.

walking together

often counselling is having someone to walk beside you along your path